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Bud Weis, Colorado Springs, CO

Bud Weis, Colorado Springs, CO

Rancho de Costa Review

We  have just returned from a six-day vacation at the Villas of Rancho de  Costa. All I can say is WOW! There were eight of us ranging from 52 to  90 years of age and we all had a great time.  The accommodations were great with individual suites, the food was  superb ranging from spit cooked BBQ pig, fresh lobster, steak, fresh  fish that we caught, and outstanding Mexican cuisine The whole scenario  is wonderful. Beautiful beach, some of the worlds  best fishing and snorkeling at your front door, gym and tennis court,  but most of all a great place to relax with your friends. Even though we  were seniors there was plenty for the whole family to do. We are  looking forward to visiting Rancho de Costa next  year.

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