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Charley Grayson

Charley Grayson

Gary, just wanted you to know how much of eight of group from California and Colorado enjoyed our stay at your resort, Rancho De Costa.  The resort was outstanding with 3 very good meals per day,  relaxing under the thatched  Palapa looking out on the Sea of Cortez, to  swimming in the large pool, and retreating to our beautiful rooms for a  good night's sleep.  The staff were very friendly and helpful with all  our needs...I especially enjoyed you getting us with the best fishing  excursions....I caught 4 Dorado fish weighing about 20 pounds each, and  one Rooster fish that weighed about 22 pounds...The chef prepared the  Dorados  for us and were delicious.. One of the most outstanding events  was to see the sunrise on the Sea of Cortez about 6:30 in the morning..  All of us have agreed to return to your wonderful resort....

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