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Jud Buechler, San Diego, California

Jud Buechler, San Diego, California

Since my retirement in 2002, I have been extremely fortunate to be able to travel to many warm weather vacation spots. Hawaii, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Fiji and Mainland Mexico, to name just a few. My favorite, by far, is Rancho de Costa.

I first visited Rancho de Costa in 2000 with a group of buddies on a fishing trip. Since that first experience, I have been back at least a half dozen times. The warm air, the beautiful scenery of the Gulf of Mexico, and the wonderful people make it such a special place. If it is world class fishing, bathing in warm salt water, sunbathing on the beach, golfing or just relaxing by the pool....this place is for you.
My last visit happened to be my wife’s 40th Birthday. We took six couples to Rancho de Costa and had a magical experience. Deep sea fishing, snorkeling, bonfires on the beach and evening kayaking excursions along the shore at happy hour blew everyone’s mind!

I give Rancho de Costa my highest recommendation.

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