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Kent Sumrall

Kent Sumrall

Thanks so much for your  gracious hospitality last week. What a wonderful, rejuvenating  experience that was. You're truly fortunate to own a piece of heaven on  earth. It was so smart of you to see that opportunity so long ago. And  your hard work paid off. Thanks for sharing it all with our 'old  friends' college group.

Since landing back in the USA, I've had my hands full. My 96-year-old  Mom got Covid during my trip. (That's what the phone calls were about  during dinner.) She's fine, but for the next few days I'm devoting time  to her and to my house which had a little damage from a storm.  Then--when my mind is clear enough to do it justice--I'd like to write a  review to send you. But I didn't want any more time to lapse without  saying a great big...

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