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Kevin King

Kevin King

"Ultimate vacation destination"

Villa  alegria surpassed every and all expectations that we had. Upon arrival  we were thrilled of how nice and spacious the Villa is once you see it  in person. Attention to every detail of the  staff was obvious and the architecture is phenomenal. Our group was a  pack of 12 bros and each one of us had the vacation of a life time. Our  personal concierge, Victor, made everything extremely accessible and  every arrangement we made was anything but difficult.  Downtown and the beach are just a short cab away and we were able to  ride together in one van each time. Safety was no issue whatsoever  throughout the duration of this trip. Villa alegria can be a great place  for any group being that the exterior bedrooms  provide an easy getaway for rest and relaxation. The pool and hot tub  was the most popular area along with the comfortable couches that can  double as beds. The maid and grounds crew were outstanding throughout  the trip and helped make it a true vacation. I  would advise visiting Costco on the way in to stock up on groceries and  booze (they also sell liquor). Thanks to Nik at Earth, Sea, and Sky  because he definitely hooked us up with a great villa in Cabo San Lucas,  Mexico.

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