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Lindy Gregory

Lindy Gregory

Hi, Gary!

I  was beyond blessed this past summer when my husband and I, along with 6  other adults from our church were able to vacation at your resort, El  Rancho.  We won the bid at the Strong Rock auction  (actually we got the “preacher” to bid and then all the other serious  contenders backed off!)and then set the dates for the week that our kids  were attending a youth conference.

Personally,  I consider that trip a once in a lifetime experience, and I will always  fondly recall our days there.  Johnny and Manny were great hosts.  The  food was delicious and the boat ride  around the coast was beautiful.  Such a different part of the world.   So different from the Caribbean or east coast.  I still get Facebook  updates from Johnny and his updates make me want to make a return trip!   The resort is beautiful, yet very comfortable.   Definitely, that one in a lifetime trip…  A HUGE blessing!

I appreciate your generosity and just wanted to communicate with you how blessed we were.

Thanks for what you do for SRCS and what you did personally for us this summer…

Bless you!

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