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San Diego

San Diego

We have stayed  at Villa Marlin 4 times. It is like a paradise. The property is perfect  for 5-6 families. The staff is really like family. Every time we come  back we all hug. The staff cooks  and cleans which makes the vacation so relaxing. All you need to do is  have fun and get immersed In the natural beauty of the property. 

Our  kids ages  8-17 absolutely love the place. They fish in the rocks on the point,  swim in the pool, play wiffleball, snorkel and watch movies in the  theater. We are a big fishing family. My husband and son go out several  mornings on the local pangas and bring back fish  that the cooks make into yummy goodness. Villa Marlin is one of my  favorite vacations. This year will be our 5th time and I can’t wait!!!!!

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