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Chef Services

FRESH seafood...need we say more.

Up to 8 people$     200.00 dollars per day 

9 to 14 people$      300.00 dollars per day 

15 to 24 people$    400.00 dollars per day 


Prices are for Chef Services Only; does not include the food.

NOTE: If you want, we gladly can take care of the grocery shopping and present you with the supermarket bill for you to cover, adding a 20% service charge.

Our Chef will prepare any fish you catch just the way you like it and maybe a new style recipe as a surprise.

Gratuities are welcome, of course depending on your satisfaction.

Ph. (624) 143-0606 Office

      (818) 632-2850 Cell

      (858) 866-9170 U.S. Phone Line

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Chef Sevices
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