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Here at Rancho de Costa you can do many activities...or you can do nothing at all!  Below are some suggestions should you decide to play.


We are asked if Rancho de Costa is family friendly. The answer is "Yes, we have one of the most swimmable beach's in the world." My children can play and swim without the worry of being swept away. It is one of the best places to introduce newcomers to snorkeling, tank diving, paddle boarding, kayaking or just floating around. The tropical fish that inhabit the rocks in front of Rancho are plentiful and colorful. There is an area naturally formed in the rocks in front of Rancho that we call our Margarita pond. At medium to low tide we gather there and have our staff bring us Margaritas and other drinks for adults and the kids order their favorite thirst quencher. We use that area from time to time to put on our snorkel gear and with the natural cut in the rocks we take that 15 meter swim out into the Bay to enjoy the tropical fish that are everywhere. If you look at the photos of the Bay in front of Rancho you can see where the rock formations connect to the white sand beach.

The seashell hunting is fun and very productive and always puts a smile on everyones face. Another cool thing to do is jump in a kayak and paddle over to the Restaurant 1535 and have a great meal then paddle home. A perfect combination of exercise and good food. I normally bring a fishing pole and pull a Rapala behind the kayak, I have yet to be skunked. Sometimes I'll bring in the fish and have the staff at Rancho prepare that for my families meal.

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