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...the Sea of Cortez off Rancho de Costa
can only be described as
the best fishing in the world.

A bold statement considering the great fishing in Florida, Texas, Costa Rica, Australia, Hawaii, Caribbean, South Pacific, Panama and other parts of Mexico. The Sea of Cortez has a huge variety of fish: blue marlin, black marlin, stripped marlin, sailfish, swordfish, roosterfish, tuna, pargo, wahoo, dorado (mahi mahi), seabass and so many others. We don't travel 50 to 100 miles to fish like in some areas. Normally we are fishing within a few minute after leaving the beach. The reason the fishing is so good is because of the vast amount of plankton that brings in the smaller fish which attracts the predators, and the food chain begins and ends with our anglers. Our on staff chef will prepare your fish the way you like it and maybe a new style recipe as a surprise.

If your a fly fisherman or an angler looking for a grander we can make sure your experience is a warm memory. Our guys fish for a living all year around in these waters so they are ready when you are and on top of where the bite is on any given day. We're big on live bait fishing but our guys are trained in the trenches making sure the boat is positioned right for that perfect fly cast. Normally the fishing boats will pick you up at the bottom of the staircase at Rancho, no long walks or drives to the marina. The captain will filet your fish at the end of the day. Fishing prices are very reasonable so multiple fishing days are well within most everyone's budget. Fun and reasonable for the angler and great for the local economy. 

Check out Rancho de Costa on "Fish the Baja"!!

Please take a moment to look at our Fish Photo Gallery below

and that will give you a good idea of the type and size of fish we catch.

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