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Spa & Health

Our air-conditioned exercise facility was designed by professional NFL players and equipped by Rancho. This exercise area -- which is over 1,900 sq. ft. -- probably will exceed your needs. The gym also has an unobstructed view of the tranquil Sea of Cortez; it's not unusual to see schools of fish breaking the water while you're exercising. There are running, walking and biking trails throughout the development. The Cardon Forests (cactus) within the development are extra special, the other natural flora and fauna are spectacular too, and the area is teaming with wildlife. Running or walking the 1.3 Miles of white sand beach in front of Rancho de Costa is a dream come true. Stopping for a quick swim along the way should be an important part of your run/walk. If your interested in a game of basketball or tennis those areas are steps from the gym. If you arrive at Rancho de Costa with your batteries drained, we promise you will be recharged by the time you return home. Our Motto: "Eat healthy, eat often and exercise at least 1 hour each day".

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