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David Bobo (Dan Maynard’s group)

David Bobo  (Dan Maynard’s group)

I have just returned from a  vacation at Rancho de Costa located in the Bahia de los Suenos near La  Paz, Mexico. This superb resort checks all the boxes for anyone  searching for the ultimate location to rest your body and nurture your  soul. The accommodations are well designed for comfort, beautifully  decorated and maintained daily at the highest level. There are a variety  of rooms to choose from with private baths and a selection of bed  configurations. Each sleeping area features access to a full kitchen and  patios with breathtaking views of the Sea of Cortez. A full gym with  state of the art equipment, large salt water swimming pool, movie  theater with a wide selection of movies and a huge gazebo constructed  from local materials are also available for guests.

The excellent facilities  overlook a large sandy beach accented with coconut palms and the deep  blue green waters of the magnificent Sea of Cortez. Everywhere you point  your camera you create a postcard suitable for framing. I took a  fishing trip with boat and guide arranged by the resort. The guide was  very knowledgeable of the waters and where various types of fish may be  found. They provide assistance and tackle for the novice fisherman or  the more accomplished may bring their own equipment and knowledge to  these superb fishing waters. I consider myself a novice to deep water  fishing but I caught fish which were cleaned and prepared for dinner by  the excellent resident Chef Johnny. They were delicious as was every meal  prepared by Chef Johnny and his excellent staff. You may choose to prepare your  own food but I highly recommend using the resort staff. You are here to  relax after all and believe me you do not want to miss the culinary  magic that the resort staff provides. And along with their  professionalism they are really nice people.

If fishing isn’t your thing  no worries. There are so many things to enjoy including all beach  activities, photography, relaxing your mind and body while having a cold  beverage in the gazebo next to the beautiful pool or just soaking in  the beauty that surrounds you. The resort can be used for business  meetings and weddings and the staff is well trained to provide the set  up and event management required to ensure a successful event.

Gary Wagner took a piece of  one of God’s greatest creations and turned it into a very special venue  for those looking for a unique and unforgettable vacation experience.  You will probably never forget your time at Rancho de Costa. I know that  it will always be one of my best memories. We were fortunate to have  Gary with us during the stay. He is such an incredible host making sure  we were comfortable and telling stories of the area’s history, his long  and arduous work in creating the resort and personal stories of the road  he has traveled in his life. It is a life well lived. His calm and  friendly demeanor mirrors the calm and relaxed atmosphere of the resort  he created. The staff is superb and happy and will make your stay  perfect. Gary accomplishes this by caring for his staff and treating  them with kindness and respect. It was great to see this and I wonder  why more leaders don’t understand this simple concept. Our employees are  our greatest asset and treating them with respect is not only the best  business strategy but also the best human strategy. It was such a  pleasure meeting Gary.

So in closing do yourself a favor and plan to spend some time at Gary’s Bay of Dreams.

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