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See write up below.  Sorry for the delay.

What  an awesome place!  Rancho de Costa is the perfect spot for large groups  of friends or family who want to be on the beach.  Everything from the  rooms to the food was top notch.  The staff made us feel at home as they  always do and attended to our every request.  Our group of 20 has been  to Rancho de Costa 5 different times now and we always leave happy and  relaxed.  The pool and palapa area is very large and easily  accommodates large groups of people for eating or just hanging out  during the day.  There are plenty of options for fishing including  pangas who can take 2 or 3 people out for half a day or you can charter a  larger yacht out of La Paz or Cabo and take a larger group.  The  fishing in the area is world class and I highly recommend going if you  like to fish.  There is a movie theater, gym and tennis court on the  property which are nice options in addition to all of the water-based  activities.  Rancho de Costa is a hidden gem that sits on a very remote  beach.  You won't find crowds at Rancho - only tranquility and good  times.  I highly recommend this place for your next family getaway.   Brent Gaddis

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